Immaculate Conception School – Annandale, NJ

Welcome to the Immaculate Conception School “Stronger, Happier, Kids” page.  Here you find updates on the initiative, reviews of lesson plans, links to the ELEMENTS (healthy actions) tracker and the ICS 1 mile fun run and 5k, as well as real-time updates on the ICS team leaderboard and your team’s progress!

Congratulations to all finishers of the Blue Knights Crusade (5k) and Mini-Crusade (1 mile).



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StrongerHappier News

Lesson 2 – FUEL

Students engaged in a game of “Eat More, Eat Some, and Eat Less”, applying the lessons they learned about “fueling in the green” (i.e. focusing mostly on items below the green line) and principles adapted from the University of Michigan’s Department of Integrative Medicine’s “Healing Foods Pyramid”, and concluded the lesson by learning how to make a "Green Slime" smoothie


Lesson 3 – RECOVER

Students at ICS learned about the third leg of the balanced stool….Move – Fuel – Recover, and how only when we give our bodies and brains a proper balance of Recover (sleep, rest, recovery) can we be at our best!  We learned about the importance of sleep quantity (number of hours) and quality (sleep cycles) as well as other ways to tap into our very best recovery strategies including “metered” and diaphragmatic breathing tactics!

Who's in the lead?

LEADERBOARD - consistent healthy actions can really add up!  Have you MOVED enough today....FUELed with the good stuff?..taken time to rest and that you can continue to ENDURE tomorrow towards your goals...a CONNECT with others as you achieve?  Log your points and push your team to the top of the leaderboard!