Wellness Challenge

As part of the Stronger, Happier, Kids initiative at each school, students are encouraged to participate in a  Wellness Challenge and are taught to consistently apply many of the healthy habits they’ve learned throughout the program. After completing the healthy actions, students are instructed to regularly reflect and record on their health habits and track them their school’s specific ELEMENT-actions (see affiliate school pages for more details).  When they successfully record their actions, our system sends parents an email with how many points each student was able to capture individually, and for their team.

Paper copies of the trackers can be downloaded to review at home by clicking here:

Points are awarded using the following criteria:


MOVE: Total Points are the combined-average of 2 categories:

(1) minutes per day recorded 

0 minutes (or left blank) = 0 points

1 to 30 min = 1 point

31 to 60 min = 2 points

61 to 90 min = 3 points

>90 min = 4 points

(2) effort per day recorded (using RPE) using the OMNI RPE Scale

RPE of 0 (or if left blank) = 0 points

RPE 1 to 3 = 1 point

RPE 4 to 5 = 2 points

RPE 6 to 8 = 3 points

RPE = 9 to 10 = 2 points

FUEL: Points are awarded for average servings per day recorded

RECOVER: Points are awarded for average hours of sleep per day, using the following values

8 hours or less = 1 point

9 to 11 hours = 5 points

12 hours = 3 points

13 hours or more = 1 point

ENDURE: 3 points are awarded for answering the question, 0 for leaving blank

CONNECT: 3 points are awarded for answering the question, 0 for leaving blank



Logging Report

When your child logs points you will get a report that includes:

Points Logged = Aggregate of all categories multiplied by the number of days recorded

Personal Total = Running total of all points by your child

Team Points = Running total of all points by team (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) by all students